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Phase Out Plastic Disposables

Phase Out Plastic Disposables is working towards a goal, to phase out plastic disposables by replacing them with natural alternatives, disposables made from natural materials.We are getting closer to our goal with every disposable plate and disposable bowl as more people are deciding to go green. By replacing the plastic disposables with disposables made from palm leaf, sugarcane or other sustainable materials we can reduce the plastic littering and the devastating impact it has on nature and ocean life. offers a wide range of sustainable disposable tableware to ensure that we have something for everyone. If you by any chance are missing a specific reference or type of disposable, please let us know. In order for us to reach our goal we need to be sure we natural alternatives for all plastic disposable reference.

Please join our mission and phase out plastic disposables together with us. Choose the natural alternative with better quality and nicer design. In the end, the natural alternative will strengthen your brand and improve your plating and food presentation. 

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