Collection: Hampi Palm

Each Natural Tableware Hampi  product is a unique expression of nature. Made from fallen palm tree bark with no chemicals or binding agents, no two plates are identical! Each Hampi plate is formed by hand and steam-pressed into its unique shape. The palm products come in two lines: Jeeva and Raaga. Jeeva is the classic shapes—squares, rectangles, and rounds. Raaga is our most popular and proprietary design of gorgeously natural ovals.  The two main collections, Jeeva and Raaga, each represent an expression in Sanskrit. Jeeva: “living” or “existing” and Raaga: “color” or “mood”. 

Sturdy and durable, Hampi is ready for your finest dining and your wildest outdoor festival and composts in about 30 days. The making of Hampi is a micro-entrepreneur collaboration and as such, is providing income generation and community building. We are proud to have brought this centuries-old cultural treasure to the world, while employing entire communities with its production. As we challenge our habits and try to minimize the impact we have on our surroundings, choose Hampi to provide a stylish and natural alternative to tableware.