Symboise by the Jane


Symbiose [sɪmbi'jozə] – The mutualistic coexistence of two dissimilar organisms.

Mutual ground was found between The Jane’s Michelin star chef Nick Bril, designer Yaara Landau-Katz (One and Many) and Natural Tableware based on one aspect in particular; plates! The three parties came together to merge their professional points of views and experience to create Symbiose.

Chefs are on-the-go more than ever, taking their kitchens outside of the restaurant to festivals and events. One of the key elements for chefs is striving for the optimal presentation of their dishes, which is ensured  by the gastronomic characteristics and high end design of Symbiose.

Consisting of 3 different sized bagasse bowls and a top/side plate, Symbiose brings sustainability, quality and design together. Character and gastronomic representation is guaranteed at any type of function; the three parties’ key elements in complete symbiosis.