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Sucadrops Bowl

Sucadrops Bowl

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Elegance and versatility are the hallmarks of the Sucadrops Bowl. It can be a dessert plate, a sampling vessel, a cold cereal bowl or a hot soup bowl and yes, it's perfect for gumbos, etouffes, beans and rice and mightiest of chilis. Holster your thumb in a Sucadrops Bowl and you'll never want to eat from an ordinary bowl ever again!

The Sucadrops Collection is designed by Dutch designer Annelies Hermsen and are bestsellers. They are sturdy, elegantly designed in white bagasse, and professional grade. Sucadrops easily handle higher combi-oven temps, the coldness of fridges and freezers, and withstands liquids for 48 hours.

6.125 in x 4.5 in x 2.5 in / 13.5 oz

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